Live Jellyfish Shipping

For you to buy jellyfish at the greatest value, we have a special arrangement for shipping. Jellyfish are shipped from our jellyfish breeding facility at Exotic Aquaculture in Hong Kong to our US partner, Consistentsea by air freight regularly. Jellyfish are packed for individual customers already, and Consistentsea will arrange pick-up and customs clearance at the airport for you. After the jellyfish are unpacked and checked for the conditions, they will be re-packed and distributed to each customer by Fedex overnight service.

Picking a Custom Arrival Date

We are always happy to ship your jellies on the best date for your schedule. Please contact us via email before or immediately after your order is placed if you need your jellies to arrive on a specific date.

How do I know if my jellyfish are on their way?

Once your order has been processed, you will receive an automated email confirming shipment and providing you with tracking information. All order emails will be sent to the email used during checkout.

Shipping schedule

Because we ship jellyfish internationally from Hong Kong to the US, you can not expect to receive jellyfish immediately after your order. We ship jellyfish to the US approximately once a month. To ensure the jellyfish are shipped in their best condition, your order may take up to 6 weeks depending on the timing of your order. Please enjoy your waiting time by reading our blog (link) to study how to keep jellyfish, prepare your jellyfish aquarium, and get ready for receiving your jellyfish! Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] for the next jellyfish shipping schedule.