EXOTIC AQUACULTURE was founded in 2014 by Toshihiro Yoshida and James Bruce who are also the founders of Cubic Aquarium Systems Ltd. Toshihiro Yoshida studied Marine Biology at University and received a Ph.D. degree in marine plankton at the University of Tasmania in 2010.  Toshihiro has worked for various research institutes and public aquariums, including the Australian Antarctic Division, Port of Nagoya public aquarium, Tsuruoka-City Kamo Aquarium and Wynn Macau Aquarium.

The team at Exotic Aquaculture consists of a group of international experts with marine biology and public aquarium backgrounds. Whilst Jellyfish are fascinating creatures to observe and care for, the keeping of jellyfish as a hobby has yet to become commonplace. This is mainly due to the limited supply of jellyfish, jellyfish food and related products such as “kreisel tanks” (a special tank to keep the animal with low swimming capability inside the tank in suspension). Our focus is to expand the global market of ornamental jellyfish through a stable supply of high quality jellyfish, equipment and food.

Almost all Jellyfish within the aquarium trade are caught in the wild, with jellyfish appearing seasonally at certain times of the year and only in certain areas. As a result, there is a lack of a consistent and dependable supply of jellyfish of specific species and sizes to the global aquarium market. Exotic Aquaculture aims to change this through the wholesale supply of captive-bred jellyfish. Our jellyfish breeding facility allows us to supply various types of jellyfish from all across the world, in different sizes throughout the year.

Ultimately, our mission is to establish jellyfish keeping as a hobby and to allow people around the world to enjoy the mesmerising beauty of jellyfish.