Frequently Asked Question

How do you ship live jellyfish?

We pack the jellyfish in plastic bags full of water and no air (air can damage the jellyfish). The plastic bags are then packed into foam boxes with heat/cool packs to maintain a suitable temperature for the species. The foam boxes are then packed inside an outer cardboard box which protects it in transit. We deliver the boxes directly to the airport where they are loaded and flown to the customers country. This whole process generally takes under 24 hours, from the jellyfish leaving our aquaculture system to them being received by the customer. This minimises the risk associated with transit and ensures our customers receive healthy jellyfish.

I am looking for a specific species of jellyfish which you do not show on your stock list, can you get it?

We have relationships with livestock collectors, breeders and public aquariums all around the world. If we do not have a particular jellyfish in stock we will try our best to source it for you.

Can you ship jellyfish to my country?

We ship jellyfish by express all over the world. As long as there are no local restrictions on you importing jellyfish and you have a valid business license then we are happy to ship to you. Some countries require veterinary certification prior to import, in this case we can arrange for the relevant inspection to take place prior to leaving our warehouse.

I am looking for a small quantity of jellyfish for my home aquarium, can you help?

We are a jellyfish wholesaler and only supply companies who have a valid business license. If you email us with what you are looking for and your location we may be able to help put you in touch with one of our jellyfish stockists. Alternatively you can check this map for a list of shops supplying jellyfish and jellyfish aquariums around the world.