Your All In One Jelly tank


8L/16L/40L versions to accomodate your space, skill level and interest

Made of shatter-resistant acrylic. Easier to move, resistant to cracks.

Comes with a pump, light and filter. Everything you need to go from 0 to jellyfish hobbyist in a box

Easy to customize. You can connect a heater, chiller, or external filter on the fly

Designed from the ground up to house jellies safely and easily

Tried and tested classic AIO design, with a unique twist for jellyfish

Jelly keeping made easy

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The curved front edge and the spray bar on the back wall allow for gentle, circular flow to keep your jellyfish in suspension while still giving you a large area to view your animals

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The energy-efficient LED allows you to see your jellies in their full detail. You can also change the lights colors so you can see your jellies with glowing mood lighting


A large grate on the back wall allows the filter to spread it’s intake over a large area, allowing for extremely little suction force, while still maintaining fast water flow and adequate filtration.

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Easily accessible filtration allows you to customize and clean your filter media with ease. The tank comes with sponges and bio media, but you can also add carbon, GFO or synthetic resin whenever you want.


Power Consumption

Lighting modes


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