Egg Yolk Jellyfish (Phacellophora camtschatica)


Phacellophora camtschatica, commonly known as the egg yolk jellyfish, is a very large jellyfish commonly found in cold oceans of Northern Pacific from Japan to North America. This species can be easily identified by the yellow coloration in the center of its body which closely resembles an egg yolk. Some individuals can have a bell close to 60 cm (2 ft) in diameter, and most individuals have 16 clusters of up to a few dozen tentacles, each up to 6 m (20 ft) long. A typical jellyvorous jellyfish which catch other jellyfish. Due to their long and numerous tentacles, they are easy to get tangled making them difficult  to keep in large numbers.
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Species Information

  • Harmful to humans: Partially – Stings from captive bred species are usually undetectable, however may cause irritation to those with sensitive skin
  • Distribution:  Northern Pacific seas
  • Maximum Bell Size: 60cm (2 ft)
  • Life Span: 1-2 years
  • Feeding: Small plankton, small mysid, shrimp and fish, other jellyfish
  • Temperature: 8 – 17°C (46.4 – 62.6°F)
  • Photosynthetic: No
  • Care level: Difficult