Marbled Jellyfish (Lychnorhiza lucerna)


Lynchnoriza lucerna, or marbled jellyfish originate from western Atlantic Ocean of South America. They are getting more popular in aquarium trade as they are relatively easy to breed. Their bells are hemispherical when young (up to 3” diameter), becoming gradually flatter with age, and at known maximum of 18” (45cm) is inverted saucer-shaped. The colouration of this jellyfish varies, but in general, the bell is half translucent milky white, sometimes with pink tint when they are young, and often grow blue colouration on the edge of their bell as they grow. On the bells of adult marbled jellyfish, there are patches of brown pattern which could look like marbles. They grow strings like appendages hanging from the oral arms as they grow.
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Species Information

  • Harmful to humans: No

  • Distribution: Found in tropical waters in the western Atlantic Ocean. Its range extends from French Guiana to Buenos Aires Province in Argentina.

  • Maximum Bell Size: 45cm cm (18 inches)

  • Life Span: 1 year

  • Feeding: Freshly hatched baby brine shrimp, coral reef food, Exotic Aquaculture powdered food, Frozen mysids

  • Temperature: 18 – 24 °C (64 – 75°F)

  • Salinity: 20-34ppt

  • Photosynthetic: No

  • Care level: Easy

Notes: Often found in estuaries and can tolerate in lower salinity. Very efficient feeders and can feed on larger particles such as frozen mysids.