Portuguese Man O’War (Physalia physali)


Portuguese Man O’War are different than other jellyfish because they live on the ocean surface. They drift along with the wind and currents. They are highly venomous, which they sting with their tentacles. They like to be at warm tropical water area, and always get washed up to the shores or beaches. They have a gas bladder and it is filled with carbon monoxide, nitrogen, oxygen, and argon.
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Species Information

  • Harmful to humans: Yes 
  • Distribution: The Atlantic Ocean, The Pacific Ocean, The Indian Ocean, The Caribbean , and the Sargasso Sea
  • Maximum Bell Size: 15 cm (5.9 inches)
  • Life Span: 
  • Feeding: Small Plankton, fish, shrimp
  • Temperature: 
  • Photosynthetic: No
  • Care level: Moderate