Ephyrae Culture Tank (EA-EPT)

EA ephyrae holding tanks are designed to keep ephyrae (larvae of jellyfish) which have extremely fragile bodies along with a limited swimming capability. Different to the common air-driven ephyrae tanks, EA ephyrae holding tank has a mesh screen and drain tube, which allows you to connect the tanks to a life support system or sump. This reduces the need for frequent water changes when compared with traditional air-driven ephyrae tanks. This also ensures that ephyrae have more stable water conditions for their growth, and reduces the risk of damage incurred during the water changes. Newly born ephyrae (<3mm) can be moved straight into the tank, with water recirculated.

S: 330 x 110 x 380 (W x D x H) mm, 7L
M: 400 150 x 450 (W x D x H) mm, 15L
L: 490 x 150 x 500 (W x D x H) mm, 25L
NOTE: This tank will not come with a filtration system