Jellyfish Culture Tank (EA-JCT)

EA jellyfish culture tanks are designed to hold small medusa, or metaphyrae >5mm in bell diameter. It comes with 3 different swappable screens, 300 micron mesh, 600 micron mesh and 1mm slots. The water flow is driven by water pushed out from the water inlet section. Unlike the EA ephyrae holding tanks, the flow is created solely by water, so the turnover rate needs to be much higher (minimum 4 times/hour) to keep sufficient water flow inside the tank.

EA-JCT-17: 340 x 210 x 380 (W x D x H) mm, 17L
EA-JCT-35: 430 x 270 x 490 (W x D x H) mm, 35L
NOTE: This tank will not come with a filtration system