Shipping Terms and Conditions

Jul 4, 2024

  • Exotic Aquaculture is not liable if a shipment of livestock arrives dead on arrival as a result of delayed shipping or anything else out of our reasonable control
  • Unless otherwise specified, Exotic Aquaculture is not liable for any import duties or taxes incurred
  • Exotic Aquaculture will replace livestock that has arrived dead on arrival in the case where the customer takes a photo of the dead/damaged jellies still in the bag and submits it to us within 3 working days of the delivery arriving
  • If a tank arrives damaged to the point it is unusable, the customer is entitled to a replacement with all duties and fees covered.
  • if the tank arrives damaged but still useable (AND this damage is a result of shipping), the customer is not entitled to a replacement however the shipment is covered by insurance and the customer is entitled to request us to make a claim on the their behalf (unless otherwise specified before shipping)