1. Price

Prices are EXW quoted in USD. Prices are subject to change depending on the availability of livestock without prior notice.

2. Minimum Order Quantity

One box: 42 x 42 x 47 cm/ 25kg

Moon Jellyfish
Size: 4-5cm
Quantity: 100 pieces

3. Freight Charge

Freight from HK international airport to the destination airport will be charged. The charge varies depending on the quantity and destination.

4. Packing Cost

USD 12.5 per box will be charged. The packing includes polystyrene box, insulation and plastic bags.

5. Airport handling and Document Charges

USD 240.00 will be charged for each shipment. This charge is non-refundable after 24 hours prior to the ETD of the booked shipment.

6. Import handling at the destination airport

The consignee is responsible of all import handling such as collection and custom clearance at the destination airport. The consignee is required to notify us related documents which are required for the custom clearance. We are not responsible of any loss or delay of shipment due to the failure regarding the import handling.

7. Payment

A full payment in advance is required, based on the amount including shipping cost stated on Proforma Invoice. Shipment will be delivered only if the full payment in advance is received. Alternatively, 50% payment in advance and 50% on delivery is accepted on the order of over 2,000USD. In this case, the shipping cost will be adjusted on the 2nd payment.

8. Risk of Loss

DOA claims will be accepted and we will deduct the price of livestock from the original invoice, or we will ship free replacement on consignee’s freight. DOA must be claimed within 24 hours after arrival. Otherwise it will be rejected. We are not responsible for any DOA due to flight delay, weather conditions or airline mishandling. DOA claims must be accompanied by proper and valid photos.

9. Concern for Local Environment

Certain species of jellyfish are concerned as invasive species. Please treat jellyfish and the tank seawater in a way that will not threat your local environment.