Exotic Jellyfish Food


Exotic jellyfish food is specifically formulated to maintain and grow most planktivorous jellyfish. Jellyfish have a very specific diet and often will not survive and grow over extended periods of time when being fed standard coral foods. Our jellyfish food is the result of years of research into the diet of jellyfish and we have shown it to grow moon jellies up to 30% faster than live artemia nauplii which is the most common feed for moon jellyfish. A noticeable increase in health, growth and energy is often observable when feeding our food to moon jellies. It can either be used as 100% of their diet or as a supplement for live artemia.

It is designed to be neutrally buoyant and stay in the water column for a long time allowing it to be filtered out by the jellyfish.

Nutrition analysis

  • MOISTURE:                    9.5%
  • CRUDE PROTEIN:         60.0%
  • CRUDE FAT:                  9.3%
  • CRUDE FIBER:               1.8%
  • CRUDE ASH:                 15.0%
  • CALCIUM:                      2.1%
  • PHOSPHORUS:             1.7%

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