S.E.A Aquarium

The Task

The SEA Aquarium in Singapore contacted us to build them a full room jellyfish lab that they could use to culture and grow out jellyfish all the way to adulthood. This included 2 racks of jellyfish tanks, with ephyrae tanks and growout tanks as well as 9 plankton culturing tanks.

The Design

We wanted to create a no-expenses-spared lab with all the bells and whistles included so that the team there could produce jellyfish on a large scale, the final designed included 4 two-story racks of tanks, complete with plumbing and lighting as well as 9 plankton culturing stations pictured on the right. It was also designed with the intent to be at research-grade, meaning that university researchers would be able to use this lab to conduct their experiments and investigations. It was a tall order, but in the end we delivered a high-tech lab that has quickly become one of our proudest projects.

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