Sea Life Busan

The Task

The team at Sea Life Busan asked us to create a fully stocked jellyfish lab to go along side their large Moon Jelly display tank we helped worked on previously. They wanted the lab to serve as their primary jellyfish research and culturing room as well as to be a space for education and teaching about aquaculture.

The Design

For this task, we had to get creative with out spacing of the tanks and the plumbing so that we could pack all the necessary equipment into the room without having to make any sacrifices for the researchers working there. One of the things we did was adopt our tried and tested designs to fit explicitly into this small space by implementing a 3 story rack, which allowed us enough space for adequate filtration, tank space and independant temperature control across both columns of the rack. We also implemented an island-style breeding bench design, which allows us to make maximum possible use of the floor space and allows multiple researchers to work without getting in each others way. All in all, we managed to fit 27 seperate tanks into this lab!

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