Sea Life Bangkok

The Task

The team at Sea Life Bangkok wanted a brand new lab to accompany their brand new jellyfish exhibit. They asked us to design and supply a laboratory from the ground up, as well as supply the jellyfish for their display room.

The Design

The team at Sea Life BKK wanted a lab that would allow them to grow and sustain their own lineage of jellyfish, including an impressive array of zoo- and phytoplankton culturing solutions to feed their large collection of jellyfish. They also wanted to offer hands on experience for guests who want to experience what its like to work in a jellyfish lab, for this reason we decided to go for the island-style design for a lot of the smaller culturing and grow out tanks, which allow a lot of people to work on many different tanks at the same time without getting in each others way as much. Consolidating all the tanks in one island like this also allows us to implement more efficient temperature control solutions; by submerging the tanks into a water bath with its own dedicated heating/cooling device. This bath also serves as the drain line for the filtration. This allows us to maximise energy and space efficiency at larger scales like this.

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